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    Computing Probability Using Poisson Model and Classical Model

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    7. A call center receives about 4 calls every minute during peak time.
    (a) What is the probability that the call center will receive 3 or more calls during a peak minute?
    (b) If peak time spans 15 minutes, what is the probability that 50 calls will be received during this time period?

    8. Six cards are chosen without replacement from a deck.
    (a) What is the probability that 3 of the chosen cards are of black suits?
    (b) What is the probability that none of the chosen cards are red suit face cards?

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    7. A. Let X be number of calls. Then X~Poi(4),
    So P(3 or more calls)=P(X>=3)=0.7619 from Poisson ...

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