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    Confidence Interval for Proportion

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    Problem Set:

    You work at a major regional hospital and you are concerned about waiting times in the emergency room. This file contains data on some random samples of patients. Use the data to answer the following questions. Problems 3.1 and 3.2 come from week 7 material, and 3.3 relates to week 8 material. Note that part b (and ONLY part b) of question 3.1 is extra credit. Should you encounter any difficulties with these problems, the optional problems below are very similar to the questions in this problem set, and the answers to the optional questions can be found in the back of the textbook. You can also request that the tutor work extensively with you on the optional problems.

    A major concern with long ER wait times is that patients may leave the ER without being seen, due to dissatisfaction with having to wait. Other hospitals in the region have patients leave the ER without being seen at a rate of 5%. You are interested to see if your rate is the same as those hospitals nearby. You collect a random sample of 1000 ER visitors. Of those 1000 visitors, 28 left without receiving any treatment. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion of ER patients that leave without receiving any treatment. Interpret your findings with respect to the 5% figure in other area hospitals.

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