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    Confidence Interval For Effect Of Birth Weight On IQ Score

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    Confidence Interval for Effect of Birth Weight on IQ Score:

    When investigating a relationship between birth weight and IQ, researchers found that 258 subjects with extremely low birth weights (less than 1000 g) had Wechsler IQ scores at age 8 with a mean of 95.5 and a standard deviation of 16.0. For 220 subjects with normal birth weights, the mean at age 8 is 104.9 and the standard deviation is 14.1. (Based on from "Neurobehavioral Outcomes of School-age Children Born Extremely Low Birth Weight or Very Preterm in the 1990s," by Anderson et al, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 289, No. 24.)

    Please construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the difference between the mean I.Q. score of 8-year-old children born with low birth weight and the mean of 8-year-old children born with normal birth weight. Does IQ appear to be affected by birth weight? Why or why not?

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