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    Probabilities and confidence intervals

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    71. Refer to the Baseball 2000 data (Appendix K), which contains information on the 2000 Major League Baseball season. There are 30 teams in the major leagues, and 7 of them have home fields with artificial playing surfaces. As part of the negotiations with the players' union, a study regarding injuries on grass versus artificial surfaces will be conducted. Five teams will be selected to participate in the study, and the teams will be selected at random. What is the likelihood that two of the five teams selected for study play their home games on artificial surfaces?

    242. Refer to the OECD data (Appendix L), which reports information on census, economic, and business data for 29 countries.
    a. Develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the mean percent of the population over 65 years.
    b. Develop a 90 percent confidence interval for the mean energy use.

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