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forecast and LP based problem

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Problem 1
The personnel manager for a large corporation feels that there may be a relationship between absenteeism and the age of workers. The manager would like to use the age of a worker to develop a model to predict the number of days absent during a calendar year.

Problem 2
The Italian General's Pizza Parlour is a small restaurant catering to patrons with a taste for European pizza. One of its specialties is Italian Prize pizza. The manager must forecast weekly demand for these special pizzas so that he can order pizza shells weekly.

Problem 3
Adele Weiss manages the campus flower shop. Flowers must be ordered three days in advance from her supplier in Mexico. Advance sales are so small that Weiss has no way to estimate the demand for the red roses. She buys roses for $15 per dozen and sells them for $40 per dozen.

Problem 4
The Exeter Company produces two basic types of dog toys. Two resources are crucial to the output of the toys: assembling hours and packaging hours. Further, only a limited quantity of type 1 toy can be sold.

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