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    Expected value of an insurance policy

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    1. You own a $9,000 car and a $850 mountain bike. The probability that your car will be stolen next year is 0.02, but the probability that your bike will be snatched is 0.1. An insurance company offers you theft insurance for your car for $200 and the insurance for your bike for $75.
    a) Compute the expected value of the car and bike insurance policy to the insurance company.
    b) As an insurance policy holder, do you get a "good deal" from this car and bike insurance? Explain your response.


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    Question 1:

    Car Insurance
    Cost of car = $9,000
    Probability of loss due to theft = 0.02
    Expected cost of loss = 0.02*9000=$180
    Premium on car insurance = $200
    Expected value of car insurance policy to the insurance company = $200-$180=$20.00 per policy

    Bike Insurance
    Cost of bike = $8,50
    Probability of loss ...

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