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    Difference Between the Mean, Median and Mode

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    What is the differences between the mean, median, and mode. Which of these measures of location is the most important and why?

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    What is the difference the between mean, median, and mode?
    All 3 of these quantities are commonly used to measures the "average" in statistics.

    The "mean" is the "average" you're used to, where you add up all the numbers and then divide by the number of numbers.

    The "median" is the "middle" value in a list of numbers. To find the median, your numbers have to be listed in numerical order from smallest to largest or vice versa, so you may have to rewrite your list first. Then, you choose the number in the middle. If you have an even number of values, you ...

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    This solution is comprised of a concise 400 word response which discusses the three concepts of central tendency: the mean, median and mode. This solution details how all of these measures are in a statistical sense "averages", but in a technical sense have different meanings.