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    calculating probability using classical probability model

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    I would like to have the response to the following problems in excel format so that I can see the formulas used.

    Thank you

    33. Real estate ads suggest that 64% of homes for sale have garages, 21% have swimming pools, and 17% have both features. What is the probability that a home for sale has:

    a) A pool or a garage?
    b) Neither a pool nor a garage?
    c) A pool but nor garage?

    64. Fifty-six percent of all American workers have a workplace retirement plan, 68% have health insurance, and 49% have both benefits. If we select a worker at random:

    a) What's the probability that the worker has neither employer-sponsored health insurance nor a retirement plan?
    b) What's the probability that the worker has health insurance if they have a retirement plan?
    c) Are having health insurance and a retirement plan independent? Explain.
    d) Are having the two benefits mutually exclusive? Explain.

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