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    Probability - Binomial, Normal

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    1. The Arizona State Office of Tourism Development compiles information about the scenic attractions visited by out-of-state vacationers. The office reports that 75% of out-of-state vacationers visit the Grand Canyon, 35% visit the Sunset Crater (Meteor Crater), and 20% visit both. What is the probability that an out-of-state vacationer will visit at least one of these scenic attractions?

    2. You are the sales manager of a life insurance agency. All of your sales representatives are successful in selling a policy on 30% of their sales calls. Determine the probability of a sales representative's selling at least four policies if he (she) makes five sales calls.

    3. Crash Airlines flies from Los Angeles to Phoenix. Their mean flying time is 70 minutes with a standard deviation of 6 minutes. Flying time is approximately normally distributed. You are meeting a friend at Sky Harbor Airport, who left Los Angeles at 4:00 PM (Phoenix time). You want to have only a 10% chance of having to wait for him at the arrival gate. What time should you arrive at the arrival gate?

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