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O Define your underlying ethical system, its primary principles, the sources that helped shape your ethics such as people, institutions, events, and so forth, and the criteria and decision-making factors you used to revise them.

o Discuss the potential effect of your ethics on your performance or use of them in your workplace using a specific personal example.

o Explain why ethics are needed in an organization and how ethics are integrated into the organization to achieve its direction and goals. What effect does the application of these ethics have on individuals, organizations, and society?

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I am presenting you with a paragraphical outline to work with on this assignment. You will be able to find your sources for citation on ethics from these paragraphs. The paper needs a conclusion and some information based on what ethics are and maybe the business laws of ethical behavior established by the federal government if you want to move the paper that direction.

My ethical system works as a series of checks and balances against the reality of a situation and the wrongs that can right and the rights that can be preserved. I have found that ethical behavior changes from one culture and situation to the next. I will always be on the side of legality, but often can work within some gray areas of ethics if another person gains something they may not have had before and should have. I will not step out too far from the strong ethical and moral behaviors considered acceptable, but there are times when ethical and moral judgments need to be challenged. I have learned this from my original family group and religious background. They were instrumental in teaching me right from wrong, and acceptance of others and others' values.

I also learned a great deal in my graduate classes. I had to ...

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The solution provides insight and guidelines by example in putting together a paper on the topic of personal ethics, its effects and impact in the workplace and the need for organizational ethics. Ethics is also discussed in its impact to people, groups and society in general.

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Fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics.

- Create a fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics.
- Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper in which you explain the organization's ethics programs and overall ethical environment. Address the following in your examination:

o Describe current moral and ethical issues faced by the organization.
o Explain how the fictitious company deals with the relationship between ethics, morality, and social issues in the legal environment.
o Evaluate the organization's ethics program based on the code of ethics, training, monitoring, and enforcement.
o Consider the following questions:

- Code of Ethics
o Does a formal code of ethics exist?
o What topics are included in the code of ethics?
o How is the code distributed and used?
o Is the code reinforced in reward and decision-making systems?

- Training
o Is ethics emphasized to recruits and new employees?
o How are employees and managers oriented to an organization's values?
o Are managers trained in ethical decision-making?
o What ethics training exists for employees?

- Monitoring
o How are ethics and integrity measured throughout the organization?
o Are whistle-blowers encouraged? If so, how?
o Does a language exist that allows employees and managers to openly discuss ethical situations?
o What ethical considerations are incorporated into planning and policy-making at the organization?

- Enforcement
o How do managers enforce ethics?
o How are ethics enforced by the organization? How is unethical behavior dealt with?

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