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    Health Concern in Community

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    This project is going to require you to identify a specific health concern in your community. Your goal is to identify a health need within your community that concerns you and that you feel should be brought to the attention of someone specific

    Specifically, for this assignment, you will:
    1. Investigate a community health problem and its social consequences
    2. Identify the magnitude of the problem, the consequences of the problem, what is being done, what can still be done, how is it affecting your community. You will report statistic from the literature. You will need to do an extensive literature review to build your case.
    3. Identify relevant information to develop an argument regarding the need to address a community health problem (how prevalent it is, why is it so bad, who is it affecting, what can be done, who is doing it, social burden and consciousness')
    4. Develop a paper that presents research identifying the magnitude of the health problem
    5. Use Peer reviewed articles to make your argument (pubMed, Medline, Google Scholar). Internet sources or secondary sources do not count. Avoid any statements, such as, "I think, or I feel." This is a scientific paper and it needs to be professional.
    6. 10 sources needed.
    7. 6 to 12 pages long

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    Step 1
    A community health problem in the city of Española is drug abuse and drug addiction. Española is a New Mexico town that has high abuse of heroin. Heroin and cocaine use has increased so much that several problems, related to addiction and overdose have surfaced. The heroin is supplied by Mexican drug traffickers. This is a serious problem in Española. Drug abuse causes physical consequences in the body. This means strain on organs, strain on venous & respiratory systems, and alteration of the physical make up of the user (c). If drug abuse continues for some time there will organ damage, hormone imbalance, cancer, lower fertility, gastrointestinal disease, or HIV infection.
    The social consequences of drug abuse are serious. The drug abuser loses his friends. They do not like his company when he is high. People do not want to be associated with someone who uses drugs (d). When the person is high he cannot do normal things such as gaming, sports, going to movies, skateboarding, and hanging out. The drug user also becomes paranoid about relationships and turns aggressive or violent. In short, he loses friends (e). Another problem which young people face is that when they start using drugs they get removed from their teams. Drugs adversely affect the breathing, heart rate, muscles, concentration, coordination, senses, and brain level. The drug addict is soon out of the sport team. An important social consequence is that marriage and relationships of person who take drugs break. A person who is addicted will have mood swings, violent outbursts, and extreme behavior. Another social consequence of drug addiction is that the rest of the family may feel embarrassed or ashamed at this behavior (f). The education of the addict suffers because it adversely affects schooling, relationships, and home life. The addict truants from school. An important social consequence of addiction is that employers are affected if employees turn addicts. Their punctuality, efficiency, and productivity are adversely affected. Often the employee loses his job which in turn adversely affects his home and family life. For example, if the only earning member of the family loses his job, the family will face financial crisis. Such a situation can lead to breakdown of marriage. Similarly, when at work if the colleagues realize that a person has become a drug addict, they avoid him and his work output decreases till he is removed from the position. Another social impact is the change in the personality of the addict. The addict becomes offensive, secretive, or does self harm. He may lie, cheat, or steal. The social consequences of addiction are disastrous. The person may experience paranoia, low-self esteem, and lack of trust. The person may be pushed to depression. As the drugs change certain structures of the addict's brain, there is disaster in their social lives. One of the worst consequences of drug ...

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