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    Paley's Teleological argument for the Existence of God

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    Explain and evaluate Paley's Teleological argument for the Existence of God.

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    Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post and offer you the best I can. I hope you find the content of this response most helpful for engaging the subject and recognizing your questions and opinions are worth sharing!

    Firstly, as far as the directions go, it seems pretty clear to me that you have to explain and evaluate the argument that Paley makes. I'll be happy to give you some explanation, some ideas to consider, and a number of resources that can help you answer the question more fully.

    Secondly, as far as content ideas go, I'm sure you'll remember from the course material that Paley essentially tries to argue for the existence of a deity. The usual foundational issue with these kinds of arguments is that someone tries to point to God without being able to point to God. You'll want to keep that in mind as you "evaluate" later: trying to use a means by which that particular deity is not necessarily subject to can create logical frustration.

    Paley's main concept is that of "design." His official argument we usually refer to as "The Argument for A Divine Watchmaker." That's a bit dated, contextually, because back in his day it took a master craftsman to make a watch?nowadays we have assembly lines that can do it as if it were ...

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    The expert explains the evaluates Paley's teleological arguments for the existence of god.