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    Samuel 18:1-4 Relates to Counseling

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    Please help with the following problem:

    Read the passages 18:1-4 from I Samuel. Document in 250 words or less the knowledge you gain from these passages and specify how it relates to counseling.

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    1 Samuel 18:1-4

    Brief Exposition
    There have been some postmodern views of this passage which claim that Jonathan and David were homosexual. I am not homophobic, however, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion.

    According to the cultural norms or nuances of the time period, Jonathan considered David to be a very good friend in terms of congeniality. Some scholars state that the friendship was as a result of "Divine grace." Both men had a relationship with God.

    This friendship does exude love just as very good friends love each other whether of the same or opposite sex.

    Some commentaries state that the uniting of the two is through the spirit of Christ where ...

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