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    Yoga in Hinduism Religion

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    Take one of the Hindu themes - karma, moksha, samsara, Brahman, or yoga - using and citing credible resources from the internet along with our textbook; flesh out what you believe is a complete description of the theme you selected as it has been developed in Hinduism (even Jainism). Finally, show how the theme is an essential part of the Hindu (even Jain) tradition.

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    Hello. I trust that attached document answers your question on Hinduism. I have chosen the theme of yoga and used the textbook as well as several sources. Best of luck!


    Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic Hindu discipline which includes meditation, breathing techniques, and standing, sitting, bending, or fixing one's self in a certain bodily position for seconds or minutes at a time. It is a practiced used widely for health reasons and by herbal doctors and nutritionists as an alternative to medicine. Many non-Hindus in almost every part of the world have adopted a form of yoga or simple meditation in their lives. The practice of yoga is over 10,000 years old and there are more than 20 groups that subscribe to its discipline and practice.

    Further, in Hinduism, the word "yoga" means "union" which in English is connected to the word "join". There is the common idea that ...

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    This brief document attempts to describe yoga within the Hindu religion and how it is essential to tradition. The themes which are an essential part of the Hindu are determined.