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Religion: Saddarhtha's Path

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I'm in need of assistance in understanding Saddarhtha's path as well as understanding the split between Hindu and Muslim in the foundation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

How was Gandhi's dream of a united India shattered and why?

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Need help understanding Siddhartha's path as well as understanding the split between Hindu and Muslim in the foundation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Siddhartha's path:
Also known as the Eightfold Path - Siddhartha's path refers to the eight steps thought to bring about individual enlightenment. These steps are not isolated from each other. In other words they are not steps that lead from one to the other until enlightenment is reached. They should be conceived of as eight basic ingredients that when put together will yield something greater than the sum of its parts. The eight steps are as follows:

-Right view - meaning a correct perspective and insight into life. This entails the ability to see things truly or completely rather than a distorted or incomplete way. This involves the understanding that possessions and the physical world is not what is most important. Spiritual and intellectual development is to be desired over consuming or possessing things.

-Right intention - Blind obedience is not the end result of Buddhism. Rather with right intention the follower will do the right things for the right reasons. Three key areas of right intention include renunciation of physical desires, goodwill toward others and finally harmlessness meaning to act without violence or cruelty toward others.

-Right speech - Includes four main aspects of speech. Don't lie or be false. Don't slander or speak maliciously. Don't be offensive or harsh in speech. Don't become involved in idle or foolish talk.

-Right action - Includes three main types of actions. Don't harm another life ...

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The expert examines the Saddarhtha's Path for religion. How Gandhi's deams of a united India shattered is determined.