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Major Moral Problems

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Joyce Little, Naming Good and Evil, First Things, May 1992. According to Little, what is the major moral problem that human's face. What is our true source of knowledge of good and evil? What is her argument? What is the problem that some forms of feminism present? Is there any solution to the modern problem.

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If you read her second paragraph, you find that she nails the real issue. "We can still reach general agreement on the evil of such things as drugs and divorce, but we cannot seem to agree on how to deal with these problems, because we cannot agree on what would be right or good for society. This means that what is really at issue is not just abortion, or assisted suicide, or gay rights, or any number of other matters of public debate, but differing views of the nature of reality."

In other words, we can no longer discern good from evil. We have no basis for distinguishing one from the other. Since we reject God's assessment of these two opposing forces in the universe, we are left up to ourselves to attempt to distinguish between them. In a sense then, we play at being God, yet do a most miserably poor job at it.

Regarding feminism, she writes in the third paragraph, "In the first rank of those who hold views radically opposed to the views of the Church are the feminists, in particular those feminist theologians who call themselves Catholic. Indeed, the difference in views here is so great that what the Church calls good these women call evil, and what the Church calls evil these women call good."

Quite truly, feminist Catholics reject the Bible's revelation as truth, embracing rather the fallen angels as their true role model. Pretty sick if you think about it. Because the fallen angels rejected God as Father ("male dominated" concept, supposedly), so should women today. To the feminist, she wishes to deny her reproductive body and she wishes to deny that she has no role as priest in the church. Both of these issues, a male-dominated priesthood, and the lack of ...

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