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    Interpretation of Jesus' Role in Scripture

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    The question described: Catholicism affirms that the center and core of Christian faith is not a book, the Bible, but a person: Jesus Christ, the 'Word of God', crucified and risen from the dead, and that both Bible and Tradition bear witness to God's revelation in and through him. In his book "Speaking Christian," Episcopal theologian Marcus Borg, puts it this way:
    "...the 'Word of God' as known, revealed, disclosed, and embodied in Jesus is the decisive 'Word of God.' It outranks the Bible. Jesus is the norm of the Bible. When the Bible and what we see in Jesus conflict, as they sometimes do, Jesus trumps the Bible. This is what it means to say that Jesus is the Word become flesh. In him, Christians see more clearly than anywhere else the character and passion of God."

    The person of Jesus, then, is central to Christian life and faith and Christianity is more about a person than a book. What do you think?

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    I believe that the entire Bible is about God revealing Himself to mankind in the person of Jesus. It is through the Bible that people can know Jesus. The Bible reveals who God is. When the New Testament refers to God's glory, the Greek word used is 1391 doxa. Doxa means the recognition belonging to a person for what it is. Therefore, God's "glory" is His characteristics being revealed. Colossians 1: 19 says that it pleased to Father that in Jesus should all the fullness dwell. John 17 also speaks to the unity between Jesus and God the Father. Jesus is God revealed and the Bible reveals God.

    Having established that I agree that Jesus is central to the Christian life, I do believe that the Bible is the primary means by which we get to know Jesus. I believe that the Bible has the highest authority and is not to be "outranked" by personal experience, by tradition, by ...

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