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Locate 2 articles published in last 5 years that discuss the effectiveness of the two therapy or strategy approaches your choose (Existential Orientation/Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Summarize the findings from the two articles you found. Were the two therapies similar in their overall effectiveness with clients? Were the therapies more or less effective with specific clients (based on culture or counseling issues)?

Were you surprised or disappointed in how well or poorly your selected Locate 2 articles published in last 5 years that discuss the effectiveness of two therapy or strategy therapy fared vs. the therapy that was antithetical to your philosophical base? (250 words)

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In an article by Cramer, Salisbury, Conrad, Eldred and Ayaya (2011), cognitive behavioral therapy was used with a group of women diagnosed with depression to measure the effectiveness of treatment options in a group setting. After the women were identified and placed in either the control or experimental group, the treatment proceeded for 12 weeks. Upon completion of the treatment, the researchers reported that clients' depressive symptoms improved slightly indicating that CBT could be used in a group setting with effectiveness; however, further explain that future research must be ...

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