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    Diversity within Health and Medicine

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    Diversity within Health and Medicine

    Conduct a comprehensive literature review of your selected application area finding peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles that focus on the intersection between social psychology and Diversity within Health and Medicine. Focus your presentation on both theory and application

    I am completing a Power Point Presentation and would like your help with 4 to 5 slides pertaining to:

    1) Doctor/patient relationships relating to Social Psychology- role schema

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    The Gender schema theory (Bem, 1981 as cited in Archer & McCarthy, 2007) is a cognitive theory explaining how individual are supposed to behave in society based on sexually-transmitted characteristics that are maintained and transmitted in culture. Gender role development is the expectations of parents, peers, and society of that underlies perceptions of masculinity and femininity. Research suggests that women struggle with the balancing demands of factors such as work and family commitments, and societal demands to avoid reflecting the negative characteristics of women (Wester, Vogel, O'Neia, & Danforth, 2011).

    However, other research is presented to suggest that men and women are born a blank slate (tabla rausa); and that roles for women and men are primarily socialized (Pinel, 2006). For instance, from a biological perspective, hormones are stated to have an effect on the type of roles that women can perform. For instance, due to hormonal influences women are viewed as emotional, weak and fearful compared to men who are stated to be unemotional, strong and courageous. Based on evolutionary psychology, according to (2006) the view is held that women and men adapted differently over time so that men are better suited for specific roles, and women for others.

    For instance, according to Archer & McCarthy (2007), feminists posit that societal expectations of women and men lead to gender role conflicts have created an inequity that has become a source of oppression to both men and women. As the research shows, he most pervasive research in the literature is the construct of gender role conflict, which refers to rigid restrictions as to what males and females should or should not do that based on its comparability with their gender (Wester et al., 2011).
    Gender Role Socialization

    Gender roles are established and maintained by biological, evolutionary, and social influences rejection in areas such as high-status roles in education and/or employment. Similarly, the social construction of masculine traits making up male gender roles has been shaped by cultural ...

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