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    Discuss the concept of forgiveness. Include the insights of Enright and Layton, as well as the implications with concept of apology.

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    Forgiveness is an interesting topic that is much debated by sociologists. Many ideas have been posited relating to the meaning, scope and consequences of forgiveness in society. Some sociologists contend that forgiveness is an internal frame of mind that constitutes a choice to "let go" of offenses committed by others against one's self in the past. Others go further and claim that forgiveness also includes relinquishing any plans or desires for revenge and active compassion toward the recipient of one's forgiveness.

    Prior to forgiveness there must be a real or perceived wrong committed against me by someone else. This wrong action violates a standard of right and wrong that I believe in. At least in my mind, the perpetrator is clearly wrong in behaving the way he/she did. Additionally, I must feel that it is within my rights to seek recompense, revenge or retribution from the perpetrator. In spite of the fact that it is within my rights to punish this person I make a choice to forgive them. Forgiveness then has the idea of a debt that someone owes me as a result of an offense committed against me as well as my decision to eliminate or forgive that debt in full. My act of ...

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    The expert examines forgiveness concepts and the implications. The concept of an apology is discussed.