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    Antisocial Behavior

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    1. Describe anti-social behavior
    2. What is the relationship between human development & socialization as it relates to anti -social behavior. How does it affect anti- social behavior

    References appreciated.

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    In essence, antisocial behavior involves a form of behavior that is detrimental to the well-being of society at large. At its core, antisocial behavior is a selfish act, as well as an unjust act, due to the fact that this form of behavior does not take the well-being and or safety of others into any consideration when these detrimental acts are being carried out. It appears that antisocial behavior can aptly be described as a form of behavior that demonstrates reckless abandonment, as it relates to the welfare of fellow human beings. One of the most detrimental things about antisocial behavior is that it always seems ...

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    The expert describes an anti-social behavior. The relationship between human development and socialization as it relates to anti-social behavior is determined..