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    Theory of Emotions: Mood Memory Theory

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    Provide a brief description of a theory of emotion and why this theory is optimal for the classification of emotions. What is the SPAARS model and how does it related to a theory of emotions?

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    Here is a brief description of the main theories of emotion: http://changingminds.org/explanations/theories/a_emotion.htm

    Mood Memory theory (both dependence and congruence) is interesting. The basic concept is that you experience different moods and emotions, and these are stored away in your mind like any other sort of experience. What this means in practice is that the moods and feelings we experience are tied to the events that are most like them. If our emotions are positive, then the memories that our mind feeds us (or are more accessible) to us are also positive - happy times, happy memories in general. The opposite is also true.

    There are two concepts here that must be separated:

    Mood Congruence: one can connect a specific emotion or feeling to a specific event in your past.
    Mood Dependence: the mood/emotion is "cataloged" in your mind when a specific mood (that you're experiencing now) brings up memories that are like it.

    Why might this be optimal?

    It is part of the broader "networking" concept of ...

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