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Nature versus Nurture

The theory or concept of Nature vs. Nurture always seems to fascinate me or peek my interest. I find it amazing just how much psychology has evolved in such a short period of time. Psychologists are interested in the gene factor of behavior because it has been proven to be relevant to why people behave the way they do. Some psychologists have suggested that people act or behave the way they do because of innate or instincts, while others have suggested that people act the way they do because of what they have been taught. What do you think?

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This concept does explaine the phenomena of Nature vs. Nurture. Nature directs the way people are, their innate and instinctive ways. This is almost animal-like as most animals use only instincts most of the time and their innate nature comes out when dealing with other animals or numan ...

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The concept of Nature versus Nurture explained