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Concerns for Security and Self-Esteem in Children

In the U.S., a common worry of parents is whether their children have a high self-esteem. In the age of increased awareness of the ramifications of bullying behavior (physical, verbal, and relational-aggression), as well as increased competition it is no wonder parents are concerned. Aleksandar is a coordinator of athletic programs for Centervale. In the past, parents have insisted on participation trophies for all kids playing sports between the ages of 5 and 11. There is currently a debate in Centervale regarding whether participation trophies for everyone should continue through middle school as well. Some parents think it will help with self-esteem, while other parents recall never getting participation trophies when they were growing up and think losing can be a good lesson.


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Need For Security

Self esteem is a psychological term that reflects on the general self worth of an individual. This is based on the belief that is held by individual on how they view themselves. The society has been known for the great obsession on the level of self esteem in the children. This is the reason why a lot of techniques in the education system are geared towards the boosting of the self esteem of the children. The strategy such as the use of trophies to develop the esteem levels of the child have been encouraged in schools and supported by concerned parents (Grobman, 2008).

Types of Parenting Style

The parenting styles that are adopted to bring up a child will determine the development of the children in the society. Through proper parenting styles, high levels of self esteem will be fostered in the child, excellent cognitive development and proper emotional maturity. All these developments will foster the growth of a child who is socially competent. The positive and negative evaluation of self ...

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The solution discusses the concerns for security and self-esteem in children.