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Therapist Expectations

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Are there different expectations, depending on the setting in which a therapist finds himself or herself? In other words, is a therapist working in an ER or an emergency setting (such as in a school like Sandy Hook following the shootings), who truly is a client's "first advocate," expected to handle significant conflict between his or her own beliefs and those of the client differently than a therapist who works with diverse clients in non-emergency settings?

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The different expectations of therapists working in the ER or an emergency setting is given. Diverse clients in non-emergency settings are provided.

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In my opinion, no, there are not different expectations regarding conflict between a therapist's own beliefs and those of their clients, regardless of the situation the therapist finds him or herself in. The American Psychological Association (2013), states that "professional knowledge in the discipline of psychology establishes that an understanding of factors associated with age, gender, gender identity, race, ...

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