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    Critique of Joel Rosenthal's lecture on Common Good

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    Please summarize and critique the lecture Common Good and the crisis of globalization by Joel Rosenthal.

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    In these interesting times (a la the Chinese Curse), from a human, planetary perspective (by planetary, I mean to imply a perspective above the level of both national and supra-national), we are eyebrow deep in critical issues and challenges which resist resolution via traditional, unilateral, bilateral or even international means; for, as Rosenthal states, there are "multiple views of the good life" and as recent events have taught us (even if we as a civilization or specie have not learned the lesson in totality) we must be careful in attempting to prescribe/proscribe/leverage a singular common good on or for others. If Adam Smith, the father of modern manifestations of economics, imagined economics as a moral science, one must ask why the richest countries in the world continue to make decisions impacting billions of humans, based on the "dismal science of empirical calculation?" It has become self-evident that our empirical calculations have so far failed to address our most common interests (expanding the circle of benefit as widely as possible), as a significant portion of the planet's human population continues to suffer from the ...

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    This solution critiques Joel Rosenthal's Lecture on Common Good and the Crisis of Globalization. This solution agrees with and supports the basic principles contained in the subject matter. Since the OP did not provide a link, the link used for this solution is provided here: http://www.pelicanweb.org/solisustv08n05page4.html.