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    Set of problems on hydrostatics

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    Please solve problems 13, 14, 15, 18 and 22 in the attachment.

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    Pascal's law

    1) Pascal's law states that increase in pressure at one point in an enclosed liquid in equilibrium of rest is transmitted to all other points of the liquid including the walls of the container.

    2) Alternative statement of Pascal's law : Ignoring the effect of gravity, the pressure at all points in liquid at rest is same.

    3) If we consider the effect of gravity, the pressure at any point in liquid at rest is a constant value plus the pressure due to the liquid column above the given point (hρg).

    4) From above we conclude that in liquid at rest, the pressure at all points at the same level is same.

    Problem 13

    C/s area 5cm2 = 5x10-4 m2

    d = 0.8m

    As per the statement 4) above, the pressure at the same level in the liquid is same. Thus, the pressure at level A in the two arms of the tube will be same (this is the pressure acting in upward direction on the seal due to the water column in the lest arm above level A).

    Pressure at level A = (h-d)ρg

    Upward force acting on the seal = [(h-d)ρg] x area of cross section

    The limiting condition for the seal to pop out :

    [(h-d)ρg] x area of cross section = 9.8 N

    Putting values we get : (h ...

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