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Relative mass, gravitational force, and tension

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1. An astronaut orbits the earth in a space capsule whose height above the earth is equal to the earth's radius. How does the mass of the astronaut in the capsule compare to her mass on the earth?

A It is equal to her mass on earth.
B It is equal to one-half of her mass on earth.
C It is equal to one-third of her mass on earth.
D It is one-fourth her mass on earth.
E It is equal to one-sixteenth her mass on earth.

2. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force acting on a 79.5-kg student due to a 60.0-kg student sitting 2.25 m away in the lecture hall?

A 3.14 x 10-9 N
B 2.82 x 10-8 N
C 7.91 x 10-10 N
D 1.41 x 10-7 N
E 6.29 x 10-8 N

3. A rock is suspended from a string; and it accelerates downward. Which one of the following statements concerning the tension in the string is true?

A The tension points downward.
B The tension is less than the weight of the rock.
C The tension is equal to the weight of the rock.
D The tension is greater than the weight of the rock.
E The tension is independent of the magnitude of the rock's acceleration.


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