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Tension on the string

Q1) Block A of mass m1 on a smooth frictionless surface being pulled to the right by the force of gravity on block B with mass m2 by means of the attached string (as shown in the attached image). Assume no friction anywhere in the system. Assuming all units are mks, the force exerted by the gravity that is effective in moving block A is equal to:

1) m1 3) m1 + m2 5) m2g
2) m2 4) m1g 6) (m1 + m2) g

Explain in detail how the correct choice(s) are obtained.

Q2) Find the tension (stretching force) on the string while the system is accelerating.


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Here is the answer to Q1:

Note that choices 1, 2 and 3 are not forces at all. They are just masses. ...

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The force that moves m1 is the tension in the string. The tension in the string is the same along the string.