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    Physics: Sound wave in pipes

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    A very large pipe is set up in a science museum. It is open at both ends, and it is large enough to walk inside it. A large loud speaker is set up at one end of the pipe.
    A student walks along the pipe and makes the following observations. While walking through the entire length of the pipe the student encountered 3 soft zones.

    A) What should the student call these positions? (Draw this arrangement if posible on the computer)
    b) They are spaced 2.5m apart and there are 3 of them in the entire length. How long is the pipe?
    C) Determine the wave length of the wave?
    D) Determine the frequency produced by the loud speaker?
    (Answers + Simple working only required)

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    The sound waves in pipes are examined. The frequency produced by the loudspeakers are given.