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    Negative charge and new positions

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    1) A negative charge of q = -1 C moves from position <0.2, -0.3, -0.7> m to a new position <0.1, -0.3, -0.4>m. in these region there is an electric field of E = <2000, 2000> N/C. how much work is done on the charge by the electric force?
    a) 9000J b) 1500J c) 200J d) NA

    2) An electric filed of E = <500, 0, 0> N/C is established between a path starting <-0.4, 0, 0> m to <0.2 , 0, 0> m. calculate the potential energy change for the system when a charge particle of q = 1C moves along this path.
    a) -100J b) 400J c) -400 J d) -300J e) NA

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    This solution determines work done on the charge by the electric force and the potential energy change of a system with step-by-step calculations and brief explanations.