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    A Cart Pulled Up an Incline

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    Consider a cart being pulled up at incline at a constant velocity.
    a) Will the work done be different for the following two positions of the force probe: parallel to the surface of the incline and at a 45 degree angle to the surface? Explain.
    b) Does the starting point, mass of the cart, or angle of inclination of the surface affect the work done? Explain.

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    a) Let us assume the slope of the incline be theta, displacement s, friction coefficient mu.
    In case of force applied along the plane, the retarding force,
    F1 = m*g*sin(theta) + f
    f = friction force = mu*N
    normal reaction of the surface N = m*g*cos(theta)

    F1 ...

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    This solution includes five steps of calculations for part (a) and a brief explanation for part (b).