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Easy Capacitor Problem

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Hi, I am a bit confused with this question. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I keep getting the wrong answer.

Question: Three capacitors (4.0, 6.0, and 10.0 uF) are connected in series across a 50.0 V battery. Find the voltage across the 4.0 uF capacitor. Answer in Volts

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This solution illustrates how to solve this physics-based question, which requires minimal work. Any equations which are needed are provided. This is all completed in about 25 words.

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Simple Capacitor Problems

A conducting sheet of material (see attachment 'a') has a cross-sectional area (l x w) of 10mm x 20 mm. The material has a resistivity of 103 Ω m.
Calculate the thickness, t, of the material required to give a resistance of 5k Ω.

A capacitor is formed by two parallel metal plates separated by a dielectric of relative permittivity, Er = 12 (see attachment 'b').
Calculate the thickness, t, of the dielectric required to create a capacitor of 100pF.

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