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find momentum absorbed by wall after struck by ball

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A tennis ball with a mass of 0.50 kg is thrown at a wall at a speed of 20 m/s. The ball hits the wall perpendicularly and bounces off in an elastic collision.

a) How much momentum does the wall absorb when struck by the tennis ball?

b) A tennis serving machine shoots tennis balls at the wall, as described above, at a rate of eight tennis balls per second. What is the average force on the wall?

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Because it is an elastic collision, the initial speed must be equal to the final speed, that is, the final speed is 20 m/s. In term of velocity, the final velocity is ...

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In this exercise, students are asked to find the momentum the wall absorbed when it is struck by a tennis ball. The mass and the speed of the tennis ball is given and the collision is elastic. In the second part, the rate at which the tennis serving machine is given, students are asked to find the average force on the wall.