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Horizontal velocity and loft angles of golf clubs

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I have a question and an answer, but It does not make sense to me, unless I have figured out the wrong answer. Please help!

There are 3 golf clubs with long handles with an angled faces, 70, 60 and 48 degrees. The clubs all hit the ball with the same amount of force, which club gives the greatest horizontal velocity?

A = Vx = cos70(5m/s)
= 1.71 m/s

B = Vx = cos60(5m/s)
= 2.5 m/s

C = Vx = cos48(5m/s)
= 3.35 m/s

I can see that the club with 48 degree angle would give the greatest horizontal velocity.

Have I missed something or is this correct?

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Horizontal velocity and loft angles of golf clubs are determined. The greatest horizontal velocity are determined.

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The loft angle of the club's face determines the trajectory of the ball. With a 0O angle, the ball will move straight along the ground. ...

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