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Find magnitude and direction of wind velocity for light plane flying northward

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ATTACHMENT #1 shows known parameters and vector polygon required.

A light plane flies with airspeed (relative to the air) of 500 km/hr. The pilot sets out to fly to a city 800 km due north and finds that the plane must be headed 10 degrees east of north to fly in a straight line to the city. She arrives in 2.0 hours.

Find the magnitude and direction of the wind velocity.

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In a step by step soution the problem is solved with very good explanations.

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Step 1.
Observe ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram with known parameters. Note that a diagram showing the relationship required of the vectors is very important as your first step in writing a solution.

Step 2.
When an object moves relative to the medium it moves in, and the medium moves relative to the ground, the velocities of the plane and the medium add ...

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