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    Determining speed and direction of an aircraft

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    A. The pilot of an aircraft wishes to fly due west in a 50 km/h wind blowing towards the south. The speed of the aircraft, relative to the air is 100 km/h. In what direction should the aircraft head? (Answer in units of degrees from due East, with counterclockwise positive, within the limits of -180 degrees to +180 degrees).

    B. What will be the speed relative to the ground? (in units km/h)

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    Let's consider what information we know:

    Velocity of wind: 50km/h [S]
    Speed of plane: 100km/h (relative to air, which means that using the air space as our absolute reference, this is it's speed)
    Direction of travel, in reference with land: West

    As you can see in the ...

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