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Value of a Graph Part Written

An object moves on an x axis with amplitude 5.0 cm. ATTACHMENT1 shows a graph of its x coordinate versus time.
a. From the graph, by observation, write the number and units as called for in the spaces on the ATTACHMENT1.
b. Using the values from part a, write x(t) for this SHM.
c. Finding v(t) by derivative dx/dt, find the maximum velocity of the object.


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Note: For the most benefit to you, write your solution on ATTACHMENT1 then see physics statements on ATTACHMENT2. The coordinates you read may be slightly different from the values as seen by a different observer as given below.
Part a. Step 1.
Observe that at t=0, the initial x coordinate is:
(4) x(0)= - 3.4 ...

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The value of a graph part is written. The derivative for maximum velocity is found.