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Wave Patterns in an Aluminum Rod

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You have an aluminum rod that has a F=400N with a Length of 2m. Aluminum's density (rho) is 2.71 x 10^3 kg/m. It has a diameter of 0.5 mm so use I2r. Find v, velocity.

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Spring System Problem

1. A 2 kg block is attached to a spring and placed on a horizontal smooth surface. A horizontal force of 20 N is required to hold the block at rest when it is pulled 0.2 m from its equilibrium position. The block is released from its rest from this point, and is subsequently undergoes simple harmonic motion. Find a) the spring stiffness; b) the frequency of oscillations; c) the maximum speed of the block. Where does this maximum speed occur? Find the total energy of the oscillating system. Find the speed when the position equals one third of the maximum value.

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