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    Calculating mass and thickness

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    The average density of blood is 1.06 x 103 kg/ m3. If you donate a pint of blood to the Red Cross, what mass of blood have you donated, in grams? (1 pt = 1/2 L, 1 L = 1000 cm3)
    a. 530 g
    b. 0.530 g
    c. 5.30 x 103 g
    d. 5.30 x 105 g
    e. 5.30 g

    The last page of a book is numbered 764. The book (not including the cover) is 3.0 cm thick. What is the average thickness of a sheet of paper in the book, in centimeters?
    a. 0.0039
    b. 0.0078
    c. 127.3
    d. 0.072
    e. 254.7

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    When converting units, we multiply our original unit with 1s as many as necessary.

    However, since we have equivalence between units (such as 1m=100cm), we can write "1" in many ways as ratio of units (for example 1m/100cm = 1 or ...

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