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    rescue plane seeks boat on ocean hears sound from boat

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    A rescue plane flies horizontally at a constant speed searching for a disabled boat. When the plane is directly above the boat, the boat's crew blows a loud horn. By the time the plane's sound detector perceives the horn's sound, the plane has traveled a distance equal to one half its altitude above the ocean. If it takes the sound 2.44 s to reach the plane. Take the speed of sound to be 349 m/s.

    (1) Determine the speed of the plane.

    -Please provide a detailed answer.

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    Step 1. The plane is at height H above the boat when the horn sounds. During the next t seconds, the plane flies at velocity V for a distance of .5H. ...

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    Sound sent from a boat on the ocean to a plane flying overhead enables the boat operator find the speed of the plane.
    Relationship between given information included with use of Pythagorean formula.