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    First order perturbation in an infinite spherical well

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    Please see attached question.

    Update: The correction is due to relativistic effects.

    Where [V] is the expectation value of the potential

    I updated the question. Please let me know if you need more.

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    The standard radial equation for the radial wave function is:

    Then for l=0 and for the region where V=0 we get:

    Using the substitution we obtain:

    After simplifying it simply becomes:


    We define
    Then the solution of the harmonic equation is:
    If we do a little coordination transformation we see that


    Only now, instead of having (due to the infinite potential ...

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    The solution shows how to obtain the wave functions of an infinite spherical well for l=0 modes. It then goes on calculating the energies and the first order corrections due to perturbation.