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Vector Components

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In 1992, Akira Matsushima, from Japan, rode a unicycle across the United States, covering about 4800 km in six weeks. Suppose that, during that trip, he had to find his way through a city with plenty of one way streets. In the city center, Matsushima had to travel in sequence 280 m north, 220 m east, 360 m north, 300 m west, 120 m south, 60.0 m east, 40.0 m south,90.0 m west (road construction) and then 70. m north. At that point he stopped to rest. Meanwhile, a curious crow decided to fly the distance from his starting point to the rest location directly ("as the crow flies"). It took the crow 40.0 seconds to cover the distance. Assuming the velocity of the crow was constant, find its magnitude and direction.

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Step 1. List given vectors. assume East is 0 degrees, North is 90 degrees, West is 180 degrees, and South is 270 degrees.
A= 280 m at 90 degrees, North
B= 220 m at 0 degrees, East
C= 360 m at 90 degrees, North
D= 300 m at 180 degrees, West
E= 120 m at 270 degrees, South
F= 60 m at 0 degrees, ...

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