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Solving for voltage drop at multiple resistors in series

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A series circuit with a voltage source of 45 V and has two resistors of 47.0 and 82.0 ohms. What is the voltage drop across each resistor?

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Background information vital to the solution, equations, and step-by-step solution to solving for the voltage drop (potential difference) at each resistor connected in a series circuit.

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Firstly, a series circuit is one where all the components of a system are connected such that electricity has to flow from one component to another component, and has no alternative paths that it could take besides jumping from component to component in a specific order.

Circuit diagrams in physics can be easy in the sense that there are typically only a few equations and manipulations to these equations one needs in order to approach a question. Let's consider one:

V = IR Voltage = Current x Resistance
This is true for all circuits and true for individual components of a circuit and for a whole system (as ...

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