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    Question: For the circuit modeled in the attached file (titled: Resitor.doc), determine the current in each resistor and the voltage across the 200 ohm resistor.

    See the attached file.

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    See the attached figure to view the values for each part of the circuit.

    At junction F: by KCL
    I1+I2+I3-I4 = 0 (1)

    For mesh ACFHA: by KVL
    20*I1 + 200*I4 = 360 (2)

    For mesh ABGHA: by KVL
    80*I2 - 200*I4 = 40 (3)

    For mesh ADEHA: ...

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    This solution includes the various equations needed to produce the values for all the parts of the circuit diagram which is asked of in the following question, along with the correct values. An attachment, in the form of a jpeg file, is also provided in this solution for further clarification of which values match with the particular parts of the circuit.