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    A Two State System Spanned by Two Orthonormal Vectors

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    Consider a two state system spanned by two orthonormal vectors, |1> and |2>. The action of an operator  is defined via:

    Â|1> = 2|1> + i|2>
    Â|2> = -i|1> + 3|2>

    Find Â|ѱ> where

    |ѱ> = |1> + |2>

    Can you now verify your answer for Â|ѱ> by doing the calculation in matrix representation?

    And then compute the four "matrix elements":

    A_ij ≡ <i|Â|j>

    Where i, j = 1, 2.

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    The solution shows, step by step, how to get the matrix representation of an operator under the given basis and show that the result is equivalent to direct calculation.