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    Find the minimum power required in an electricity generating station.

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    An electricity generating station has a rated output of 300 megawatts. Given that the station heat rate is 12 000kJ/kW-h, and the coal used has a heat value of 23 000kJ/kg, find the minimum possible belt-drive power required for the bunker coal conveyor in order to keep the boiler supplied when the station is on full load. The conveyor is to rise 15 m at an inclination of 18 degrees to reach the bunkers. The belt runs at 3.5 m/s and the mass of belt used in 7.5kg/m.

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    Because power P = 300MW
    heat rate H = 12,000 kJ/kW-hr = 12000/3600 kJ/kJ
    = 10/3 kJ/kJ

    Therefore total ...

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