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    Finding Acceleration Due to Gravity

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    It's your lucky day! You have been chosen by NASA to be the astronaut for its first intergalactic expedition. In your excitement for the mission, however, you forgot to read the road map and you have no idea where your spacecraft landed. Your intimate knowledge of physics will save the day since you have a detailed database of the acceleration due to gravity for all known planets in the universe. Stepping out of your spacecraft, you drop a 10kg tool box from a 2m height and note that it takes 1.4 seconds to reach the ground. What is the accleration due to gravity on this planet? Assume no resistance due to the atmosphere.

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    The distance travelled by the tool box is given by:

    d=1/2 gt^2

    Since you are in 3rd year, you could have easily derived this using calculus:

    d'' = a ...

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    The distance travelled by the tool box is given by: d=1/2 gt^2.