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Circuits and Circuit Elements

1. Consider the circuit shown in the attachment.
a. Do any of the bulbs have a complete circuit when all the switches are open? Which one(s)?
b. Do any of the switches cause a short circuit when closed? Which one(s)?
c. Which switches should be kept open, and which should be closed for the following to occur?
* only bulbs A and B are off
* only bulbs A and C are off
* only bulbs B and C are off

2. A light bulb of unknown resistance is connected in series with a 9.0 Ohm resistor to a 12.0 V battery. The current in the bulb is 0.80 A.
a. Sketch a schematic diagram of the circuit.
b. Find the equivalent resistance of the circuit.
c. Find the resistance of the light bulb.


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Response gives circuit diagrams for each case in question 1.