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    Two Blocks and Two Pulleys System

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    A block of mass m_1 is attached to a massless, ideal string. This string wraps around a massless pulley and then wraps around a second pulley that is attached to a block of mass m_2 that is free to slide on a frictionless table. The string is firmly anchored to a wall and the whole system is frictionless.

    A) Given the magnitude a_1 of the acceleration of the block of mass m_1, find a_2, the magnitude of the horizontal acceleration of the block of mass m_2. Express a_2 in terms of a_1.

    B) Having solved the previous part and knowing that T=m_2*a_1/4, you have all the pieces needed to calculate a_1, the magnitude of the acceleration of the block of mass m_1. Write an expression for a_1. Express acceleration magnitude a_1 in terms of m_1, m_2, and g.

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    A) Because, if m1 moves by a distance x, the block m2 will slide by a distance x/2, hence velocities and ...

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